The run for the gold medal still continues


The run for the gold medal still continues

In the round 27th FC Shirak played away game against the leader FC Alashkert. 

In the case of the victory FC Alashkert wold become the champions but Shirak had other plans for the game. 


The first goal of the game scored Drissa Diarrassouba but home team equlaized the score quickly. Then Drissa doubled the socre for Shirak but again Alashkert could equalize the score one more time. But in the end of the game, on minute 93 after great header pass from Milos Stamenkovic Viulen Ayvazyan stoped the ball in fron the of the goalie and sent the ball to the end of the net. 


So FC Shirak won by 3:2 and sent the gold game to the nex round.