Shirak FC won big


Shirak FC won big

Shirak FC has started the game with a goal. It was just showing second minutes when Tigran Davtyan sent the ball inside of Alashkert’s goal. This goal brought great advantage for home team. However.

While the first half was about the end, Serge Deble who took the ball from Lamine Ly managed to hunt Khachatryan second time in the game and Shirak went to locker room with 2-0.

In the second half, the game has started with a goal again. Norayr Gyozalyan from Alashkert decreased the difference by turning penalty kick into a goal for his team on 48th minutes, David Marikyan was the man who caused the penalty at the momen and got yellow card. This was Marikjan's 7th yellow and he will miss two upcoming games. But Shirak hit the Alashkert’s goal once again just three minutes later and lowered away team’s all hopes after their goal. David Hakobyan scored after Serge deble pass.

Yoro Lamine Ly  sent the last goal into Alashkert’s goal and secured the winning over Alashkert.